Honeywell wireless door chime

Honeywell wireless door chime P4 premium

The Honeywell RCWL330A P4 Premium Portable features:
  • Handy wireless design with push-button
  • Compatibility with motion detectors and several transmitters
  • 450-foot working range
  • Six individual chime tunes
  • Modern, attractive look
You can select from 3 different mode:
  • Flashing light notification only
  • Sound and flashing light notification
  • Or Sound only
Wireless Design for User-Friendly Setup and Operation

The chime's highly portable wireless design lets you take it with you to the patio, your garage workshop, or your home office--wherever you're most likely to hear it. Thanks to its industry-leading 450-foot working range, you'll be sure never to miss a visitor's arrival no matter where you are.

Advanced Security Compatibility for Peace of Mind

The chime works with up to six transmitters, allowing you to connect a single chime to push buttons located at different entrances and making it easy to implement a variety of security measures that will quickly alert you if an unwanted guest decides to pay your home a visit.
You have the option of linking this chime to motion detectors or to door contacts that sound a signal anytime targeted doors or windows open or when someone approaches your home. For those with larger homes, there are also extenders available, which can extend the working range of your system (motion detectors, door contacts, and extenders not included).

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