Yongnuo 565 EX TTL speedlite 58 GN & auto mode & Comparison with built-in flash

Speedlite Yongnuo 565 EX TTL
I wanted a stronger flash than the built-in canon T3i flash with auto functions.
So I found the YN-565ex.
The yongnuo 565ex is very strong with 58 GN.

Here's a little video to show you the difference between T3i "built-in flash and the YN-565ex hot-shoe flash":  Comparison from 10 feet & 25 feet at iso 100 & iso 200.

I found it on Ebay for 190$. (November 2011)

Middle of 2011 came out the: New "Yongnuo 565 EX" ETTL  speedlite
Hot Shoe & Wireless (Off Shoe) Flash for Canon and Nikon.

The Canon 580EX II speedlite is very expensive, between 400 and 599$, so I did a little research on the web and the YN 565 EX is often compared to the Canon 580 EX II.
Same features as the 580ex II, except for HS sync and master mode.  
-Same GN 
-Same flash recycle time

Flash mode:
  • TTL slave 
  • Manual
  • Multi

Slaves groups:
  • 3A, B and C
-GN 58 at 105mm
-GN 33 at 35mm
-4 Channels
-Automatic zoom 24-105mm or manual
-Bounce card
-Metal foot

Zoom range:
  • Auto-24-28-35-50-70-80-105mm

Color temperature:
  • 5600k

Flash time:
  • 1/200s - 1/20000s

8 Levels of output control:
  •  1/128 - 1/1

Vertical rotation angle:   7 - 90 degrees 
Horizontal rotation angle:  0 - 270 degrees

-User friendly LCD screen
-Fast recycling time (3 seconds)
-PC port
-Port for external battery

The YN 565 EX will work as a wireless slave and not as a wireless master.
But if you own "Canon 7D, 60D or T3i/600D"  you already have a built-in wireless master mode

Wireless trigger distance:
  • 20-25m indoor
  • 10-15m outdoor

Weight:  380 g

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Thank you!