Tokina Lens ATX 80-400mm

Tokina zoom Lens
Tokina ATX 80-400m f/4.5 -5.6 AF D
I am an amateur photographer.  I had the 75-300mm with my canon , but I wanted a stronger zoom for wild life, so I bought this Tokina lens "80-400mm"  and I find the quality to be very good for the  price of this lens. 
The chromatic aberration is not often noticeable even at 400mm.   I use it with canon T3i.  
It doesn't have image stabilisation, but if you are shooting hand-held, the quality is good for photos at 400mm, but for video, zooming hand-held is another story. 
One of the cheapest 400mm lens available 
Compact lens for the zoom size.
Build in tripod collar that is non removable.
Zoom lock that holds it at its most compact size for transport
Wheel that allows you to reorient lensmounted filters without removing the hood.
The zoom isn't image-stabilized. There is no optical stabilisation included.  
Play this video to see pictures at full zoom hand-Held shooting.

Manual and Auto focus on lens
Canon and Nikon mounts only  
Maximum aperture:  f/4.5-5.6
Minimum aperture: f/32-40
Mounts: Canon AF, Nikon AF (non-G).
Weight: 2.23 lb, 1020g
Size: 136.5mm x 79mm
Filter size: 72mm.
Included: Lens hood and cap

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