Yada bluetooth mirror

Bluetooth Mirror for your car

If you want to keep your hand on the wheel while talking on the phone and don’t have bluetooth in your car, have a look at Yada YD-V16.
Yada YD-V16 is a bluetooth mirror that attaches quickly to most rearview mirrors by clipping it directly over your existing rearview mirror.  I have been using it for over a year, and I love it.
There is an integrated LCD display hidden within the mirror.  When not in use, it’s perfectly glossy and reflective.  But if someone is calling, the LCD display will light up showing you the number or the name of the in-coming call.  You can also setup 3 fast dialing numbers.  Just by pressing one of these 3 buttons, “the menu, “the calling” or “the volume up” button. it will dial automatically to the number you set up for that button.
If your phone supports voice dialing, you can activate that through the Yada YD-V16.
The sound is clear, loud and adjustable.
There is echo cancellation and noise reduction.
You can use it 25 hours talk time or 650 hours of standby.
Included:  Car charger.

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