Lorex Wireless security camera LW2702F

Lorex Wireless Security Camera System with remote control

This wireless security system comes with:
-7 in color LCD monitor with build in wireless receiver and video recorder.
-2 cameras indoor/outdoor, durable weather resistant.
-Comes with 2 GB recording SD card (max 16 GB supported)
-You have a choice, between:  "Motion detection", "schedule" or "manual" recording.

  • Motion detection:  Will start recording as soon as motion is detected
  • Schedule:  You can select the beginning and the ending time for one channel
  • Manual:  You press the recording button manually if you see something

 But the system can record only one channel at a time.

-When the camera detects motion, you have an alarm notification.
-You can adjust the volume.
-You can also select "Quad", "scan" or "manual" scanning mode.
  • Quad mode shows up to 4 camera views on the same screen
  • Scan mode will scan one channel at a time with a full screen view.
  • Manual scan mode:  You can watch the desired channel for a long period.

-Intercom function allows for 2 way communication between LCD receiver and camera.
-Cameras wireless range:  450 FT and 40 FT of night vision.
-Connect to a TV or monitor for large screen viewing (RCA output)

This system is very easy to setup, you don't need to know about technology.
The menu is nice, simple and easy to navigate.
The remote control is small and complete.

Don't worry if you put the camera in complete darkness because the image quality is very good.
See the video above, I did put the camera in a dark closet to show the image quality with no light at all.

I love this system.

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