AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth page turner with afts pedals

Airturn Pedal "BT-105" with ATSF-2 pedals:  Turn your sheet music via bluetooth

AirTurn is a bluetooth device that will synchronize with your Ipad to let you turn pages wirelessly without having to touch your iPad.

But you have to use an application that will work with it.  Myself, when I play the piano,  I use it with an application called "Forscore".

Very practical if you want to turn your pages back and forth with your foot instead of taking your hands off the piano to turn pages.

The BT-105 specs:
-Power switch
-Status indicator light
-Internal rechargeable battery
-Mini USB recharging port
-Battery life up to 100 hours of standby usage.

I use the BT-105 with ATSF-2 pedals, but you can also use it with FS5U pedals.

Itunes has many applications that works with this system.

To know about "Forscore" app, watch this video:

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