Indoor Hygrometer

Indoor Hygrometer
It is very important to control humidity in our house for all of the following reasons.

Too Dry, Human Health:
-Chapped skin & lips
-Scratchy nose
-Sore throat
-Respiratory problems
Too Humid Human health:
-Allergic reactions
-Problems with Asthma
Too Dry Home health:
-Wood floors & doors shrink and crack
-Furniture splits
-Cracks in dry walls & plaster
-Static electricity & sparks
-Problems with electronic equipment
-Potential long term damage to furniture and musical instruments

Too Humid Home health:
-Condensation on windows
-Moisture stains on walls & cellings
-Mold  & mildew around window frames and in basement areas
-Musty smells and odours
-Long term damage to dry wall & household contents
-Can cause structural issue through "dry-rot"
-May promote termite infestation.

Comfort Zone:  Between 30 and  55

With this model:

  • Comfort zone scale 
  • Indoor temperature
  • Indoor Humidity
  • Max/Min Temperature and Humidity buttons
  • Clear data button
  • You can toggle between celcius or farenheit

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