Pod Line 6 UX2 External sound card

Pod Line 6 UX2 External sound card

Even though Pod Line 6 is mostly for guitarist and vocal, I bought it to be able to connect my digital piano and my condenser mic to my computer.  
Works very good with Logic Express.
There is no latency, the vocal sound is also very good.  
I never tried to connect a guitar with it, but like you can see on the picture above, there are many types of plug-ins available.

Pod Line 6 UX2:
-USB recording interface
-Two 1/4-inch guitar inputs 
-Two balanced XLR inputs with mic preamps
-Phantom power
-Trim  knobs
-1/4-inch stereo monitor input
-Two 1/4-inch line inputs
-Two balanced 1/4-inch line out 
-S-PDiF digital out
-1/4-inch stereo headphone input
-Assignable VU meters

-Latency killing tone direct monitoring
-16/24-bit/96 kHz recording

Pod Farm plug-in provides:
-18 guitar amps
-24 guitar cabs
-5 bass amps
-5 bass cabs
-29 essential stompbox & studio effects

You can use it with:
-Ableton live
-Pro Tools
-Cakewalk and other recording platforms.

-Ableton Live Lite
-Reason adapted virtual studio

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Thank you!