Samsung Blu ray BD-D5700 smart TV with build-in WiFi

Samsung blu ray BD-D5700 with built-in Wifi & smart TV: 

-With built-in WiFi, it's ready to connect to the internet to give you access of additional content and even your social network with Smart Hub. 

-The ConnectShare Movie feature even lets you play back various multimedia files via USB. 

-And AllShare lets you share media with other DLNA devices across your network.
  • I bought this Samsung blu ray mostly to be able to have the smart TV function.  So I connected this blu ray to my non smart TV.  
  • This way I can have access to Netflix, Youtube and other apps on my TV with the Blu ray build-in WiFi and smart TV function.

The Samsung Blu ray BD-D5700 Smart TV included:
  • Many Samsung apps
  • Games
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter
  • Picasa
  • News
  • Google maps
  • Weather
Netflix is streaming movies or TV shows instantly over the Internet to your computer & TV

  • You can subscribe for 7.99$ a month.  This price is for Canada.
  • You can watch as many movies or TV shows as you want.
  • You can have access to NetFlix  & watch movies with your computer, iPad, iPhone etc.

“You can have a month free trial”.

Samsung Blu ray BD-D5700 specs:

Disc Formats Supported:
Video codecs supported:
-DivX HD; Xvid; H.264; MPEG4; WMV; 3GPP; MPEG2; MPEG; VC1; AVCHD
Audio Disc Formats Supported:
Interactive Formats Supported:
-BD-J; BD-Live 2.0
System Start-up Time:
-3 Seconds
DLNA Certified
Dimensions: 1.5 by 16.9 by 8.3 inches (HWD) 
Weigh: 3.8 pounds
Update:  After using it for a month, NetFlix can take a long time to load.

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