Apple TV

Apple TV
Apple TV is a Wi-Fi device that connect to your HD TV.  
  • Wi-Fi network is all you need for wireless video streaming
    or 10/100Base-T Ethernet network 
  • AirPlay streaming from all your iOS devices.
  • You can stream content from your computer, IPad, Iphone or Ipod touch right to your TV.
But most of all, from your Apple TV you can have direct access to the following content on your HD TV.
  • Play YouTube and Vimeo videos (Free)
  • Radio (Free)   Many categories: (Country, Classic, 70's, 80's, 90's, Ambient, Blues, Comedy, Jazz, Regae, RnB/Soul, Sports Radio, News /Talk Radio, Religious) and more.
  • Enjoy Audio & Video Podcast (Free)
  • Flickr (Don't need to register to access photos and videos)
  • Rent or buy HD movies or TV Shows (You'll need an iTunes account for these functions)
  • Netflix (Need Netflix account)
  • Enjoy your music and photos from iCloud  (Free 5 GB of free storage, need to register)
  • Watch MLB- live or on demand (Subscription required to watch live and archived games)
  • Watch NHL (Subscription required to watch live and archived games)
Like other devices, with the remote:
-you can:  ( pause/resume, fast-forward and reverse)

-When you first switch the Apple TV on, you are ask to choose your network & enter your password.  
-Beyond that, you're asked to enter your iTunes account name and password
- If you are a NetFlix user, you will be asked to enter this information too.
-And again, if you have an iCloud account you must enter your username and password to get access to it from you Apple TV.
-If you have an iCloud account, and you have photo stream enabled, you know that all the photos you take with your iPhone or iPad are sent automatically to your iCloud account and to all of your other registered devices.
-Your apple TV will be able to stream the last 1000 photos from iCloud.
-It is the same for the music you buy from iTunes.

Apple Tv is compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI and capable of 720p 60/50 Hz

Very simple remote.
-Just a few buttons.

A little downside:
-It would be nice to have one button that takes you directly to the menu because you have to back your way out through a tier of submenus to get to the home menu.

There is no power button on the remote, but there is a sleep option in the Apple TV settings menu.  From:  "never up to 10 hours".
For my part, I use Harmony one remote, I did an Apple TV activity so when I  press the close button to close all my devices,  the Apple TV goes off also.

Click here if you want to know more about Harmony remotes.

Now available from the App Store "Remote App control"  means that you can control the Apple Tv with you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with this App.

This unit is small, cool and very silent
-Dimensions:  3.9" x 3.9" x 0.9" high 
-Weight:  0.6 pounds  

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