Eye-Fi Card

Eye-Fi Card

"Eye-Fi" is SDHC memory card that has built-in Wi-Fi. 
That means that it will transfer wirelessly your pictures to your computer, other devices or your favorite sharing site, using a specified network.
No need to take the card out of your camera to transfer your photos or videos.
-Instant uploads.

The setup is quick and easy, but you have to know a little about computers and folders.

  • 1.  Select your network.   Note that you can add up to 32 networks
  • 2.  Choose your destination:  Choose the folder where you want the photos and videos to load.  You choose one folder for your Photos, and one for your videos.
  • 3. Insert the card into the camera and start snapping away.  You will see the picture fly into your computer right away.
Comes with USB adaptor.

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