Wireless camera surveillance DLink DCS 930L

DLink DCS 930L IP Camera
DLink camera DCS 930LMyDLink iphone app

DLink DCS 930L is a Wireless network camera that lets you see what the camera is seeing in your home from any computer, anytime, anywhere in the world just by logging into mydlink.com or by installing MyDlink app on your Iphone.

It connects wirelessly to your router to have surveillance in your home or office all the time.

3 steps installation:
1.Unpack contents
2.Insert CD
3.Run wizard

Log on to mydlink.com, go to advance setting, and you can set up your camera to have pictures sent to your Email if the camera detects motion.  
-You can trigger motion detection
- Set recording schedules
-and set email alert notification
-support up to 32 cameras, this way you can monitor the entire house.
No need to configure your router.
But this model is not very good in low light.  
For night and day, look at DCS 932L

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