Bose Portable SoundDock or Speaker Dock

Bose Portable SoundDock

The way we perceives the sound is really a personal taste, so I'll share with you "my point of view":
Of all the speakers dock, Ipod dock, dock station or soundDock, whatever you call them, of all those I have heard, according to my taste, this one has the most beautiful sound.

-Bose soundDock delivers a very nice quality audio performance
-It does deliver a lot of power.  
-The sound is astonishing.
-Bass are strong
and high are clear.
-Easy portability
-With the handy remote you can control the volume and tracks from up to 30 feet away.

It charges your Ipod or Iphone as it plays.
Has an "Aux input", means you can connect any audio players with a 3.5mm headphone jack.
-CD/DVD player etc.

It has a rotating dock that folds inside the unit for easy storage and protection during transit.

On the side, there are 2 buttons.  One to increase the volume and another to decrease the volume.

At the maximum power you will have around 3 1/2 hours battery life.
At a normal use, it can go up to 13 hours.

Solid and nice looking unit.

Weight:  2.3 k

-Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
-Remote control

The Good:
-Really good sound for a compact single speaker.
-Plays loud without distorting.

The Bad
-No radio
-The battery should be easier to replace.

You are welcome to come back for more gadgets:

Thank you!