Budget Ebook reader "Aluratek Libre"

Aluratek Libre Budget Ebook reader

I was looking for a cheap eBook reader to read my PDF user manuals outdoor during the summer time, so I found the Aluratek libre for 79.99$
I was pleasantly surprised !!!

Reading outdoor with this eReader is absolutely wonderful.
The display is easy on the eyes and no reflective at all.

Relatively cheap compared to the major brand.
-5" ePaper display
-Screen resolution: 640 x 480
-Landscape or portrait mode
-5 choices of font size
-Mp3 player
-Headphone jack
-Support multiple text formats:
-Support pictures formats:
"JPG, BMP, GIF and animated GIF"
-SD card slot.

-When choosing a new Ebook, the loading time is a little slower than most Ereader, but when loaded, the pages turns faster because the screen refreshes faster than E-Ink reader.
-Screen doesn't flicker between pages which I really like.

-The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery life is OK.

-Includes 100 free eBooks
-Protective cover
-AC adaptor
-USB cable

79.99$ / 129.99$

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Thank you!