Yamaha Clavinova CVP-609 CVP-605 One Touch Setting "OTS"

How to set up you personal voices with OTS

One Touch Setting is a powerful and convenient feature that automatically calls up the most appropriate 
panel settings (voices or effects, etc.) for the currently selected Style, with the touch of a single button.
If you’ve already decided which Style you wish to use, you can have One Touch Setting automatically 
select the appropriate Voice for you or you can set up your own preferred voices.

1.  Select the desired Style
2.  Press one of the One Touch Setting 1 - 4 buttons.

Not only does this instantly call up all the settings, it also automatically turns on ACMP And SYNC START, 
so that you can immediately start playing the Style.

3.  As soon as you play a chord with your left hand, the selected Style Starts.
Each Style has four One Touch Setups.  
Press the other One Touch Setting 1 - 4 buttons to try out other setups.
Or you can setup your own like I show you in the video.

Automatically changing One Touch Settings with the Main Variations.
The convenient OTS (One Touch Setting) Link function lets you automatically
have One Touch Settings change when you select a different Main Variation ( A - D )
The Main Variations A, B, C or D correspond to One Touch Settings 1, 2 3 and 4 respectively.
To use The OTS Link function, turn the OTS Link button on.

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