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Clavinova CVP 600 series - How to install Music Finder Records in your Clavinova

With the Clavinova CVP 600 series there are some songs included in the Music Finder Folder, but you can add many more.

In the Clavinova CVP-609 there are 21 pages of songs included in the Music Finder, but if you download the Music Finder Records file from the Yamaha web site you will have up to 250 pages.

So, this video is to show you how to do this.

Go to the Yamaha web site in the download section.
Enter your Clavinova CVP model number.
Look for the "MUSIC FINDER RECORDS" File.
Download this file.
Connect your compatible USB Key in your computer and transfer the file on your USB Key.
Disconnect the Key from your computer to connect it to your Clavinova CVP-601, CVP-605 or CVP-609.
Go to your Music Finder Folder in the Clavinova then press the hard drive icon on the bottom of the screen.  
Select the tab with the piano icon and choose the USB.  
Select the CVP file name from the USB Key, Press the Append button if you want to add the Records. If you select Replace it will replace all your file, you should take the Append tab to add all the file to the ones that are already included.
Now you will have 250 pages in the MUSIC FiNDER.

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