Clavinova CVP-609

             Yamaha Clavinova CVP-609 & CVP-605 touch screen

The new versatile Yamaha Clavinova 600s
Do you love both playing a traditional piano and experimenting with digital technology? The new Yamaha 600 series pianos are designed to give pianists the best of both words. Thanks to the Real Grand Expression and Piano Room features the CVP-600s can look, feel and sound like a quality grand piano. For those times when you feel like something a little different, the CVP-609 piano also boasts a host of additional voices, several backing tracks, a lesson function and iPad/iPhone connectivity. The CVP-600s are the most modern and versatile digital pianos from Yamaha yet.
Sound Projection of Grand Piano
This digital grand piano can produce a rich, expanse of sound because of its exclusive design. The higher tones reflect off the grand piano lid whilst the low tones echo from the top of the piano by the baffleboard and tone escape giving you outstanding sound projection. Bass notes are also emitted from the lower cabinet by a bass reflex port allowing the sound to take on a natural depth.
Real Grand Expression - Sound, Touch, Pedals
The CVP-609's expressive capabilities have been developed using Yamaha's Real Grand Expression - the integration of acoustic sounds, touch and pedals into a digital piano. This piano also has a high quality natural wood keyboard and synthetic ivory keytops for a tactile, natural touch. The RGE Sound Engine delivers ultimate expressive capabilities with perfectly sampled tones. The Smooth Release of the keys deliver smooth variation depending on the touch you place on each key whilst the String Resonance gives the mellow sound of other strings resonating.
The keys on the CVP-609 are designed to respond intuitively to your touch. The 88 Linear Graded Hammer keys consistently reproduce the feeling of playing a grand piano with each and every key. The GP Response Damper Pedal also operates and feels exactly like a grand piano. The CVP-609 piano boasts a massive 1620 voices (including Mega and Super Articulation 2 special voices) with 566 accompaniment styles. The 128 note polyphony means you can play dense pieces without any notes dropping out.
User Friendly Controls
The controls on the CVP-609 are simple and easy to understand. The TFT Color 8.5 inch Wide LCD display indicates your chosen settings so you always know where you are in the menu and the touch screen interface is easy to operate. New intuitive features like Piano Room allow you to choose your own settings and piano sounds. Vary things such as the piano type, lid position and ambiance and sound as if you are playing in a church or on a huge stage all from the comfort of your own home! Save your favourite sounds and styles to the favourite tab, customise the short cut menu or assign functions to buttons to personalise your piano controls.
Backing Band and Orchestra
Playing with a backing track instantly transforms you to a member of a full orchestra. High quality voices like Super Articulation bring a new dimension to the experience. Choose from a huge variety of accompaniment styles from varying genres using the CVP-609's Mega Voice Technology.
For less experienced players the Chord Fingering can be set to produce a fitting accompaniment using just one finger whilst the Chord Tutor gives a perfect overview of all chords. The Style Recommendation function can help you find the best style for any piece.
Playback and Record
The CVP-609 is perfect for practice, performing and experimentation. You can playback your own pieces - a great tool for lessons or practice - or record them as Audio Files to create your own CDs. Any MIDI Songs you have can also be played or recorded and the screen will show lyrics or scores on the display screen so you can sing or play along!
Use the CVP-609's enhanced audio functions like Time Stretch, Pitch Shift or VOcal Cancel to adapt audio files to suit your needs. The CVP-609 is compatible with iPhone and iPad and can be connected wirelessly to Yamaha's special app which is a fun and efficient way to manage your music files and easily set up performances.
Karaoke Sing-Along!
The CVP-609 is more than just a piano. Connect a microphone and sing along with a piano accompaniment or MIDI, MP3 or WAVE songs. Sing polyphonically recreating the sound of a full choir or explore the additional effects provided by Vocal Harmony. To suit your own practice level you can speed up or slow down the tempo of the song you'd like to sing along to using MIDI or Audio data. You can use the Voice Cancel function to turn off the voice track on a song creating an instant karaoke machine! The piano's microphone guide functions can also help you improve your singing skills.
Learn, Practice, Improve
The CVP-609 is a great tool for beginners or those players looking to improve their skills. Choose one of the preset songs, pick your difficulty level and practice using the scores on the display lamps and guide lamps which will take you through the music and stop you if you play a wrong note. Record your right and left hand separately or transpose your recording to another key to improve your skills. Included with this digital piano is a songbook "50 Greats for the Piano" which is a great tool to get started with.

Caractéristiques techniques


DimensionsWidth1,426 mm (56-1/8") | polished finish: 1,429 mm (56-1/4")
Height868 mm (34-3/16") | polished finish: 872 mm (34-5/16")
Depth612 mm (24-1/8") | 612 mm (24-1/8")
WeightWeight81 kg (178 lbs., 9 oz.) | polished finish: 84 kg (185 lbs., 3 oz)

Control Interface

KeyboardNumber of Keys88
TypeClavier en bois naturel (NW) avec ivoire de synthèse
Touch SensitivityHard2/Hard1/Medium/Soft1/Soft2
88-key Linear Graded HammersOui
PedalNumber of Pedals3
Half PedalOui
FunctionsSustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Glide, Song Play/Pause, Style Start/Stop, Volume, etc.
GP Response Damper PedalOui
DisplayTypeTFT Color Wide LCD
Size8.5 inch (800 x 480 dots WVGA )
Touch ScreenOui
Score Display FunctionOui
Lyrics Display FunctionOui
Text Viewer FunctionOui
LanguageAnglais, Japonais, Allemand, Français, Espagnol, Italien


Key CoverKey Cover StyleBasculant
Music RestOui
Music ClipsOui


Tone GenerationPiano SoundRGE (Real Grand Expression)
Stereo Sustain SamplesOui
Key-off SamplesOui
String ResonanceOui
Smooth ReleaseOui
Damper ResonanceOui
PolyphonyNumber of Polyphony (Max.)128 + 128
PresetNumber of Voices1,140 Voices + 35 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices + GM2 + GS (for GS Song Playback)
Featured Voices164 Super Articulation Voices, 30 Super Articulation 2 Voices, 43 MegaVoices, 96 Natural! Voices, 31 Sweet! Voices, 80 Cool! Voices, 102 Live! Voices, 30 Organ Flutes! Voices
CustomVoice EditOui
CompatibilityXG, XF, GS (for Song Playback), GM, GM2


TypesReverb44 Preset + 3 User
Chorus106 Preset + 3User
Master Compressor5 Preset + 5 User
Master EQ5 Preset + 2 User
Part EQ27 Parts
Insertion Effect310 Preset + 10 User
Variation Effect308 Preset + 3 User
Vocal HarmonyVH2: 44 Preset + 60 User

Accompaniment Styles

PresetNumber of Preset Styles566
Featured Styles468 Pro Styles, 55 Session Styles, 7 Free Play Styles, 36 Pianist Styles
FingeringSingle Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
Style ControlINTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3
CustomStyle CreatorOui
Other FeaturesMusic Finder2,500 Records
One Touch Setting (OTS)4 par Style
Style RecommenderOui
File FormatStyle File Format GE (Guitar Edition)


PresetNumber of Preset Songs124
RecordingNumber of Tracks16
Data Capacityapprox. 300 KB/Song
Recording FunctionOui
Compatible Data FormatPlaybackSMF (Format 0 & 1), ESEQ, XF
RecordingSMF (Format 0)


RegistrationNumber of Buttons8
ControlRegistration Sequence, Freeze
Lesson/GuideLesson/GuideFollow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo
Guide LampOui
Performance Assistant Technology (PAT)Oui
Piano RoomOui
USB Audio RecorderPlayback.wav, .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
Recording.wav, .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
USB AudioTime StretchOui
Pitch ShiftOui
Vocal CancelOui
Tempo Range5 - 500, Tap Tempo
Transpose-12 – 0 – +12
Tuning414.8 – 440 – 466.8 Hz
Scale Type9
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)Oui

Storage and Connectivity

StorageInternal Memoryapprox. 6.7 MB
External DrivesOptional USB Flash Memory (via USB to DEVICE)
ConnectivityHeadphonesx 2
MicrophoneInput Volume, Mic./Line In
AUX INStereo Mini
AUX PedalOui

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers(30 W + 30 W) x 2 + 80 W
Speakers20 cm x 1 + 16 cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2 + 3 cm (dome) x 2
Acoustic OptimizerOui

Power Supply

Power Consumption60 W


AccessoriesOwner's Manual, Data List, “50 Greats for the Piano” Music Book, My Yamaha Product User Registration, AC Power Cord, Bench (included or optional), USB Wireless LAN Adapter (may be included depending on your locale.)

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