Polaroid Battery Grip For Canon T4i / T3i / T2i / T5i

Polaroid Battery Grip For Canon T4i / T3i / T2i / T5i

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  • Attaches Through Cameras Tripod Mount And Battery Compartment, Durable Rubberized Suface Improves Grip & Handling
  • Backlit LCD Displays Time/Date + Intervalometer Functions, Multi Mode intervalometer for shooting stop action, time-lapse etc
  • Provides Up To Double The Shooting Time When Used With LP-E8 Batteries
  • Can Also Be Used With Standard AA Batteries Thanks to Included Speedloader AA batteries magazine
  • R Remote With 30' range

More than simply giving you the ability to shoot twice as many pictures before needing to recharge or replace your batteries, Polaroid Performance Grips are ergonomically designed to make shooting vertically (portrait mode) as comfortable and convenient as shooting horizontally (landscape mode). This is because they will seamlessly interface with your camera to provide full control of all key features from shutter release to scene select (depending on camera model). Combine that with cutting edge features like IR remotes and intervalometers-perfect for taking your HD-ready SLR-and creativity, to the next level as you explore the world of stop action and time lapse videography, and it's easy to see why performance minded photographers cant wait to get their hands on Polaroid battery Grip.

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