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iFit Live:  How to create your workout from iFit Live Web Site

iFit is a fitness platform that connects you and your NordicTrack machine to online, interactive training tools that track your fitness, plan your workouts and adapt to your progress. With iFit, you're also part of a supportive community that helps you accomplish all your fitness goals.

Create a Workout with Google Map:
Draw a route, anywhere in the world, and get a Google Street View of your workout. Your NordicTrack machine automatically adjusts incline, decline and resistance to simulate the terrain of your route. Or, choose from hundreds of pre-programmed iFit maps, from marathons to famous landmarks, and find your perfect workout.

  • Create a Distance based Workout.
  • Create a Time Based Workout.
In this video, you will learn how to create the workout that is best for you.
iFit Live and my compatible treadmill  or bike is what make my training so much fun.

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