Withings Pulse

Withing Pulse

This video is a comparison between Withings Pulse and Runkeeper after a 5 K run

Withings Pulse tracks your activities:
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Withings Pulse is also analyzing your sleep.

Time to go to bed?
Place the Withings Pulse in the sleep wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis.
The next morning you will have the opportunity to assess your sleep in order to have more restorative nights.
The in-app graph shows the different sleep cycles and lists key sleep quality indicators.
Graph show:  Awake time, Deep sleep, Light sleep and hour of sleep.

Monitor you heart rate:

Press your finger on the back of the device, wait 10 to 15 seconds. Your pulse is displayed on the screen.
Place your finger on the back of Withings pulse "green light"

 A little dot will move while taking your pulse

After 10 - 15 seconds your heart rate will be displayed

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