Proline Universal Power Bank

ProLine Universal Portable Power Bank

The Proline Universal Portable Power Bank is a rechargeable power bank that is suitable for all cellphones, iPhone, iPad or any other tablets and other portable devices.  

It will recharge and iPhone 3G/3Gs up to 4 times, iPhone 4G up to 3.5 times.  It is about the same with the iPhone 5.  It will recharge your iPad up to 70%. 

It has a 5000 mAh capacity, high powered 1A output and includes a micro USB to USB cable for use with your AC charger or computer USB power.

 If you're going to be away from an available outlet, this is the way to go.

I love this little device.  

The Proline Universal portable Power Bank also has a battery level indicator.  By pressing a little button, you will know how much power you have left.

1 Led Flickering  -20%
1 Led Solid           20 - 40%
2 Led Solid           40 - 60%
3 Led Solid           60 - 80%
4 Led Solid           80 - 100%

  • Hours of Talk Time: 18 Hours for 3G Video Conversation; 35 Hours for 2G
  • Hours of Audio Playback: 140 Hours
  • Hours of Video Playback: 25 Hours
  • Hours of 3G Network: 15 Hours
  • Hours of Wi-Fi: 25 Hours
  • Hours of standby: 875 Hours
  • Capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Cell Type: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Dimension: 10.3(W) x 5.7(H) x 2.2(D) cm
  • Output Voltage: DC 5.0 V
  • Output Current: USB 1A
 Charge times vary depending on the devices power consumption.