Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector

The Pet Corrector STOPS unwanted behaviours.  The Loud noise stimulus distracts your dog, allowing you to interrupt and therefore stop his bad behaviour.

Pet Corrector emits an inert gas (like fresh air) that causes the hiss.  The result was instantaneous for me.  After using the product only twice, my Airedale stop biting me.

I tried several ways to stop my dog biting problems, but without success.  My dog ​​was uncontrollable. 
My Airedale Terrier doubled in size since 1 month,  she was getting harder to control.

Since I used Pet Corrector, I feel like I have a new puppy.  Now I can play with my Airedale Terrier without fear of getting bitten.

You can use "Pet Corrector" for:

-Biting problem

-Unwanted Barking

-Jumping up

-Stealing food

-Place avoidance


You can use this product only to correct one behaviour at a time and without abusing it.

P.S.  It is important to read the user manuel before using this product.

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