SR Technology Jam 150 Plus Acoustic Amp with 6 input channels

Acoustic Amp SR Technology Jam 150 plus with 6 inputs

SR Technology Jam 150 Plus:   You ca play many instrument at once.
“Jam 150 Plus” is a great acoustic amp with 6 input channels, it is also a mixer.
The sound is very realistic.

I really love the fact that I can connect my iPad in line in 5/6 to play along with songs.

Watch this video:  There are 4 instruments connected to this great acoustic amp.

-Channel 1 and 2 have 1/4” inputs as well as "XLR inputs which you can use with phantom power for your condenser mic".

-Channel 3/4 has 1/4” inputs that can be used either separately or in combination.

-Channel 5/6 has RCA inputs designed to take an input from your iPad, computer or CD player.

-Channel 5/6  also has a "RCA"  or  "1/4" Rec Out ...

-There is Line Out Ext Eff Send.
Channels 1, 2 and 3/4 have a High, Mid and Low EQ and effects send.
Channel 5/6 has a High and Low EQ.
You also have RCA record outs with a level knob, and XLR line out, a 1/4” effects send and 2 effects return inputs.
You have choice of 4 effects:
Each channel has its own effect button that you can adjust to give effect or not.
But you can select only one effect.
  •  3 reverbs  
  • 1 delay
There is a phantom power switch for condenser mics
On the back on the unit, you have the "Power on / off button" and a "ground / lift switch".
The Jam 150 Plus has a mount on the bottom of the speaker.
The most important thing is the sound.  Well, it sound amazing.  
You can use the Jam 150 for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Digital Piano, Bass, Dynamic Mics and Condenser Mics with the phantom power.  Plus don't forget that you can connect your Mp3 player or other to play along with your song.
You can use it with many instrument at the same time.   “Jam 150 Plus” so you can Jam.
SR Technology Jam 150 Plus SPECIFICATIONS:
-150 Watts of Bi Amplified output.
-Woofer:  8”
-Horn:  Compression tweeter
-Box:  2-Way bass reflex
  • Frequency response 40 Hz - 20 kKz
  • Sensitivity (1W-1m):  93 db
  • SPL Max:  115 db
  • Crossover: Electronic - 24 db / octave
  • System - Format:  2-way Bi-amp
  • Max Power out:  Low 120W RMS, 240W peak
  • High 30W RMS. 60W peak
  • Weight:  29 lbs
  • Dimensions:  28 cm wide X 37 cm D X 41 cm High
  • Mixer inputs:  Mic 1-2 XLR
  • 1-2 also have Jack 1/4”
  • Line in 3/4:  Jack 1/4”
  • Line in 5-6 RCA , REC out RCA, Line Out XLR
Channels:  “1-2. 3/4”:  High, Mid, Low, Effect, Volume
Channel: 5/6:  High, Low and Volume.
Rec Out:  Volume
Effects Return:  Volume
Master Volume
Effects select:  Switch
Effects:  1 Delay, 3 Reverbs & Send & Return External Effect

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