Oral-B Smart series 5000

Oral-B Professional care Smart Series 5000 Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Improves gum health:
  •  “I can tell for my own experience” my gum is not bleeding anymore.

The Oral-B Smart Series 5000 Features:

5 Customized Brushing Modes:
  • Daily Clean mode:  
  • Exceptional cleaning of teeth and gums.
  • Sensitive Mode: 
  •  Gentle, yet thorough cleaning for sensitive areas
  • Polish Mode:  
  • Polish and natural whitening of your teeth by removing stains.
  • Massage Mode:  
  • Massage your teeth and gums.
  • Deep Clean Mode:  
  • Removes up to 99.7% of plaque from hard to reach areas

Smart Guide:  Wireless timer with Quadrant:

The  Oral-B wireless "Smart Guide" timer with Quadrant:

  • Indicates how long you have been brushing your teeth.  
  • When to change quadrant in your mouth. 
  • The mode you are brushing in.  
  • Low battery warning.
  • Pressure alert.
  • Digital Clock
  • A short stuttering sound at 30 second intervals, which you can hear and feel, remind you to brush the 4 quadrants of your mouth equally for a thorough consistent clean.  A long stuttering sound indicates the 2 minute recommend brushing time as been reached.
  • Timer memorize the elapsed brushing time, even when the handle is briefly switched off during brushing.  Only when pausing longer than 30 seconds the timer resets to the initial starting point.
  • Pressure sensor alert you with led light on the timer & stops pulsations when brushing too hard.
  • Acts as a Digital Clock when not in use.

Base Station toothbrush holder with protective cover for up to 4 toothbrush

With the Base Station toothbrush holder with protective cover for up to 4 toothbrush storage, everyone in the family can have their own toothbrush head.

Replacement heads:

-You can buy different replacement heads:

Dual Clean Head:
Dual Clean Head:
  • Breaks up and sweeps away plaque
  • Features tow moving heads

Sensitive Clean Head:

Sensitive Clean Head:
  • Gentle, effective cleaning
  • Features extra soft bristles

Floss Action Head:

Floss Action Head:
  • Advanced cleaning deep between teeth
  • Features soft Micro Pulse bristles

ProWhite Head:

ProWhite Head:
  • Dentist inspired polishing cup to gently remove surface stains and naturally whiten teeth.
  • Cleans thoroughly

Power Tip Head:

Power Tip Head:

  • Remove plaque buildup in hard to reach places.
  • Interspace bristles fit between teeth and around bridges, crowns, impacts etc.
  • Recommended for patients with bridges, crowns and implants.

There are other head that you can get:
  • Floss Action Head
  • Precision Clean Head

Travel case:

My Kit Included:
  • 1 Electric Handle
  • 1 Smart Guide
  • 1 Base Station with protective cover for 4 toothbrush head storage
  • Smart charger
  • 2 Oral-B flossAction Brush Head
  • 1 Sensitive Brush Head
  • 1 Power Tip Head
  • Instructional DVD
  • 1 Travel case
  • Rechargeable battery

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