iPad 3 or New iPad retina display vs iPad 1 & 2 display

iPad 3 or "New iPad" Retinal Display vs iPad 1 & 2 Display

All the iPad has the same setting.
The photo of the flowers ware taken with my Canon T3i at high resolution.
The picture on the right is a zoom from picture on the left.

See this little following video:

I can see a little difference while looking at the photos, but on the iPad 3 or The New iPad, I don't see any difference while playing with the apps or reading a book.  I guess we will have to wait until they update the apps for the Retina Display.  Also there is no difference between the iPad 2 & the iPad 3 speed wise.

The 16Th of march, when I did go to buy the New iPad, The iPad 3 wasn't in demo, because I probably would have bought the iPad 2 if I had seen the New iPad in demo.   Maybe in a near future I will be happy that I did buy it, but for now ???

  • One positive point:  I have to say that the 5 m pixel front camera do make a huge difference.

Click here for iPad 3 case

Update:  Even with the Flipboard App updated for the so call "Retina Display",  I can't see any difference between iPad 3 & iPad 2.

  • I think I will return this "New iPad".
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Thank you!